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Present Absent

Jennifer Pantry, President

Andy Akers, Vice President

Wanda Homer, Member

Kirk Newland, Member

Mike Scheib, Member

Shannon Smith, Member

Kevin Wheeler, Member



Rick Roberts, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Katie Wayman, Elementary Principal

Kyle Windy, High School Principal

Raven Weaver, Director of Special Services

Vickie Pierce, Board Secretary

Tiffany Newland, Director of Finance


CALL TO ORDER – 6:00 p.m.

President Jennifer Pantry called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.



Andy Akers moved, seconded by Kirk Newland to approve the agenda.

Motion carried 7-0.


Katie Wayman introduced new elementary teachers: Sidney Smith 2nd grade teacher and Aaron Ockenfels PE teacher.


CONSENT AGENDA – 6:00 p.m.

a. Approval of minutes of previous meeting (April 15, 2021)

b. Approval of bills

c. OPAA report


Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Shannon Smith to approve the April 15, 2021 minutes. Motion carried 7-0.


Mike Scheib moved, seconded by Kevin Wheeler to approve the bills with the exception of Craig Homer. Motion carried 7-0.


Andy Akers moved, seconded by Kevin Wheeler to approve the bill of Craig Homer. Motion carried 6-0-1 (Wanda Homer).


Total revenue is $675,996 and total expenses are $514,508 for the month of April 2021.

Wanda Homer moved, seconded by Shannon Smith to approve the financial report. Motion carried 7-0.



• Thank you notes were received from Jenny Kaden, Avery Jones, Laurie Nagel and Vickie Pierce.

• Beth Haley spoke of concerns with the shot put area holding water and the struggle the kids were having to be able to practice.

• Debbie Masten donated $1,000 to Schuyler R-1 FFA. She would like the board and administration to evaluate the FFA/Ag curriculum and to make sure the program has everything that is needed for a successful ag program.

• Les Aeschliman spoke about the band/music/choir program and items that are needed in the near future.


OLD BUSINESS – 6:17 p.m.

a. CTS (Control Technology and Solutions) discussion/motion

Shannon Smith moved, seconded by Wanda Homer to table until the June meeting . Motion carried 7-0.


b. Technology Agreement Approval with QNS

Mike Scheib moved, seconded by Kevin Wheeler to approve a one year term Technology Support Agreement with Quality Network Solutions and to revisit next month for possible extension. Motion carried 7-0.


c. Facility Usage Discussion/Recommendations

Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Mike Scheib to table until the June meeting. Motion carried 7-0.


NEW BUSINESS – 6:25 p.m.

a. Robin Slaughter-Weight Room Request.

Ms. Slaughter would like to start an organized youth fitness training program with the use of the weight lifting facilities. She also requested for the board to rethink the decision of not allowing students younger than 7th grade to utilize the weightlifting facility. The board will discuss the possibility.


b. Career Ladder Discussion/Motion

Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Shannon Smith to approve Career Ladder for the 2021-2022 school year that will be paid out at the end of the fiscal year. Review to continue will be discussed yearly and approval will depend on ample funding. Motion carried 7-0.


c. Approval of Hazard Mitigation Plan resolution

Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Wanda Homer to adopt the Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution. Motion carried 7-0.


d. Approval of Summer School Pay

Shannon Smith moved, seconded by Wanda Homer to approve $25/hour for summer school teachers, $15/hour for paras and $5,000 for summer school director. Motion carried 7-0.


e. June board meeting will be June 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.


ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL – Katie Wayman – 6:38 p.m.

April Enrollment PK-6: 337 April Attendance K-6: 95.03%

Upcoming Events:

● May 20-21 6th Grade Ancient Civilization Museum

● May 24 SCHOOL IN SESSION, 6th Grade Promotion at 6:00

● May 26 6th Grade Field Trip

● May 27 Last Day of School Celebration, Dismissal at 1:20

● June 7-30 Summer School


● Our students did an awesome job of collecting items for the Girl Scouts’ April Shower Drive! The items were donated to the Food Pantry in Lancaster.

● Thank you to the students and families, PTO, and School Board/admin for the delicious food and sweet gifts during Appreciation Week May 4-7! Thank you, teachers and staff, for your hard work and dedication to our students, district, and community!


● Tutoring concluded on April 27.

● Mrs. Dixon and Mr. Aeschliman organized 5 programs this spring for students to perform what they’ve learned this year.

● In lieu of Rams Student Leaders, our sixth grade students have been assisting Mrs. Kaden with projects around the school and for the community this year.

They made paper May baskets for Schuyler County Nursing Home residents.

● 3rd-6th grade MAP testing is complete!

● The Book Fair was a success last week!

● The fifth and sixth grade Science Fairs went well.

● Summer school will be June 7-30 8:00-3:30. This time includes free breakfast and lunch through the SFSP program.



• Enrollment numbers: High School 236

• Attendance for April: 92.72% • Attendance for the 2020-21 school year: 94.28% (decrease 0.73%)

90/90 Attendance Rule: 85% (decrease 2%)

• At the district tournament on Saturday, April 17, the Schuyler Scholar Bowl season ended with a loss in the semifinals to Scotland County. The Schuyler Scholar Bowl team went 12-17 on the year. That record should be taken with a grain of salt. Schuyler played in several tournaments with much bigger schools like Rock Bridge, Kirksville, Washington, and Warrenton. Against schools of our own size, Schuyler was competitive in every game. Thirteen students participated in Scholar Bowl this year. The Team had no seniors this year and will return all its players for next year. For two years, our team has been filled with mostly freshman and sophomores. Next year, the Rams should take a major step forward with an experienced group of juniors and seniors. Carson Allen earned All-Conference and All District honors. Nathan Leslie earned All District honors.

• 43 couples attended Grand March. The meal went over well. The parents did a good job of organizing that. It was delicious and nice for the kids to be able to eat there and not have to worry about going somewhere and trying to get back in time. The hypnotist was hilarious (my favorite part of the night). The kids also seemed to really enjoy it. It was put on by After Prom. I have heard a lot of kids say they thought the decorations were pretty and they really liked the DJ. Mrs. Wolf

• Missouri State High School Activities Association: Award of Excellence –

Exemplary Display of Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity

Male Recipient – Noah Newland and Female Recipient – Kristen Ward

• Congrats to the following track athletes: 4 x 800 (Emma Clifford, Kelsey Tallman, Makinley Aeschliman, Sidney Aeschliman), Shot Put (Maddie Haley, Kaitlyn Hatfield, Hayden Dixon), Discus

(Kaitlyn Hatfield, Greysen Van Wye), 4 x 400 meter (Emma Clifford, Kennedy Burns, Jacie Morris, Sidney Aeschliman) 4 x 100 (Bailie Atkinson, Emily Shahan, Kennedy Burns, Maddie Fowler), Pole Vault (Maddie Fowler), 200 meter (Jacie Morris), 400 meter (Jacie Morris), 100 meter hurdles (Maddie Fowler)

• Student Council Blood Drive on April 23rd had 35 donors (12 1st timers) and collected 28 units that equaled to save 84 lives.

• A+ Information

(4 out of the 26) 2021 graduates qualified to be designated A+ eligible meeting all required criteria – 95% attendance, 2.5 grade point average, advanced or proficient on Algebra I EOC, and 50+ hours of mentoring. 15% of the 2021 graduating class qualified for the A+ scholarship. Due to COVID, this year the state took out the Algebra I EOC requirement and lowered the mentoring hours to 25.

Up-coming events:

• May 22nd State Track

• May 23rd Graduation 2:00

• May 25th High School Sports Banquet

• May 26th Reward Trip

• May 27th End of 4th Quarter, Early Out 1:15


SPECIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR – Raven Weaver – 6:52 p.m.

Schuyler R-1 School District is currently providing special education services for 104 students.

Early Childhood (3-5 yrs): 20

Elementary (K-6): 54

Jr/Sr High (7-12): 30

Early Childhood Special Education Preschool:

We have screened nearly 40 students for our preschool program for the 2021-2022 school year. We plan to have our screenings scored and finalized by the end of May.

Special Olympics:

Area Track was held April 24 in Kirksville and Schuyler had six athletes attend. Schuyler came home with 13 GOLD medals and 1 BRONZE medal!


State Track Will Be June 5 in Columbia, MO.

Alyias Bass will be representing Schuyler R-1 school along with three adult athletes. He is also going to be attending the Special Olympics camp (location TBA) this summer with hopes to be chosen for the 2022 USA games.


Thank you for all of the help the school district and staff does for Special Olympics!

Ms. King


SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT – Rick Roberts – 6:53 p.m.

See old and new business.



Shannon Smith moved, seconded by Kevin Wheeler to go into executive session as provided in Rs.Mo.610.021 (3, 13) (2) Personnel Issues, Real Estate, Lease Issues. Motion carried 7-0 by roll call vote: Kirk Newland – yes; Shannon Smith – yes; Andy Akers – yes; Mike Scheib – yes; Kevin Wheeler – yes; Wanda Homer – yes; and Jennifer Pantry – yes.




Mike Scheib moved, seconded by Shannon Smith to extend the contract of Interim Superintendent, Rick Roberts through the fiscal year at his current monthly rate. Motion carried 7-0.


Extra Duty

Andy Akers moved, seconded by Mike Scheib to approve Brad Moncrief as Assistant V/JV Boys Basketball coach for 2021-2022. Motion carried 7-0.


Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Wanda Homer to approve Chris Oliver as Boys Golf coach for 2021-2022. Motion carried 6-0-1.


Wanda Homer moved, seconded by Kirk Newland to approve Siqingyuan Zhang as 2021 Girls Summer Weightlifting Supervisor. Motion carried 7-0.


Shannon Smith moved, seconded by Mike Scheib to approve Aaron Ockenfels as Boys and Girls Weightlifting Supervisor January 2022 – May 2022. Motion carried 7-0.



Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Wanda Homer to approve Jennifer Laws as Football Cheerleading Coach. Motion carried 7-0.


Wanda Homer moved, seconded by Kirk Newland to approve Susan Burns as a teacher for the 2021-2022 school year (MA, Step 29). Motion carried 7-0.


ADJOURNMENT – 8:39 p.m.

Kevin Wheeler moved, seconded by Mike Scheib to adjourn. Motion carried 7-0.

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