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Commissioners January 4, 2021


The Schuyler County Commission convened with the following officers and members present: Rodney Cooper, Presiding Commissioner, Jim Werner, Associate Commissioner, Jeff Lindquist, Associate Commissioner, Bree Lawson, County Clerk, Kathy Steen, Deputy County Clerk, Joe Wuebker, Sheriff.

The following business was had to wit:

Presiding Commissioner Rodney Cooper called the meeting to order at 9 a.m.

Jim made a motion to approve the agenda with the following additions: Cares Ac Agreements and Budget Department forms, Jeff seconded. Vote 3-yes, 0-no.

Jim made a motion to approve the December 28, 2020 minutes, Jeff seconded.

Public Comment: None

Bree and Kathy passed on several roads that individuals had called in wanting bladed.

The commissioners stated that the Road & Bridge crew are out blading snow off the gravel roads.

Jim made a motion to appoint Rodney Cooper (Presiding Commissioner), Bree Lawson (Elected Official) and John Leunen (County Employee) to the Personnel Appeals Panel with Gary Stump (Elected Official) and Matt Watkins (County Employee) as the alternates, Jeff seconded. Vote 3-yes, 0-no.

Jeff made a motion to set the base pay for Road & Bridge employees at $13.85 per hour, after a 90 day probationary period they will be subjected to a raise, if approved by the Road Supervisor and the County Commissioners, Jim seconded. Vote 3-yes, 0-no.

Jim made a motion to set the 2021 mileage rate at .56 per mile, Jeff seconded. Vote 3- yes, 0-no.

Jeff made a motion to enter into an agreement with the Downing Fire Association for the COVID-19 funding under the CARES Act in the amount of $38,876.32 (amended amount), Jeff seconded. Vote Jim-yes, Jeff-yes and Rodney-yes.

Bree presented a final list of the amount of Cares Act money that entities received. The amounts are as follows: Village of Glenwood $20,793.21; REACH $3,176.22; City of Lancaster $20,467.57; Downing Depot Museum $3,457.00; Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office $4,754.18; Schuyler County Elections $8,475.54; Schuyler County Courthouse $37,307.80; Schuyler County Ministerial Alliance $10,385.96; Queen City Community Fire Department $32,383.22; Northeast Missouri Caring Communities, Inc. $13,811.88; Lancaster Fire & Rescue $13,869.72; Karen Farnsworth-Wildflower Quilting $2,814.06; Tri-County Electric Cooperative $8,136.93; Schuyler County Historical Society $15,000.00; Schuyler County Junior Livestock $525.00; University of Missouri Extension-Schuyler County $12,201.60; Janko’s Spirits and Grill $5,402.62; Schuyler County Nursing Home $23,538.00; Schuyler County Council on Aging $20,812.08; Schuyler County Health Department $73,798.72; Downing Fire Association $38,876.32; Schuyler County Library District $4,503.33; Greentop Fire Association $35,329.86; Schuyler County Emergency Management $4,873.65; City of Queen City $1,173.42; Schuyler County Ambulance District $129,693.15; and Consolidated Public Water Supply District #1 of Schuyler County, Missouri $2,692.98.

The commissioners began working on 2021 budget forms.

Jeff made a motion to adjourn at 12 p.m.

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