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Schuyler Says

Georgia Ann and Gerald Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary

Georgia Ann and Gerald Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary It was a beautiful September day, when the Robinson family gathered for a cook out in the yard in Greentop to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of Gerald and Georgia Ann Robinson. With Doug Robinson as chef, many delicious hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs were served. A…

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An Orange Pumpkin Patch

An Orange Pumpkin Patch Traveling home from the big city one day, I saw an “Orange Pumpkin Patch” with a big happy face haystack out front. “It took 5 gallons of paint, but we gotter done,” the owner said, “I didn’t know it’d take that much.” Then, the owner said, “My wife, Kayla, and I…

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Safe Canning Methods

Safe Canning Methods Preserving food by canning can be fun and economical, but only if done correctly. There are three safe methods of canning food at home – water bath, atmospheric steam, and pressure canning. Water bath canning and atmospheric steam canning can only be safely used for high acid foods i.e. pickled vegetables, acidic…

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A Big Thanks to the Editors

A Big Thanks to the Editors, Thank you, Lorraine and Herb Austin, for the recent publication of my article on the History of Downing. I was asked to write an article on Downing because I work in the Downing Depot Museum. Someone thought I’d “know so much.” But I didn’t, by reading up on the…

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Depot Discussions

                      By Judy Sharp Hope you’re all safe and healthy right now, with your food and money needs somehow being met. Don’t you wish you could visit with your ancestors of 1918? To see what the Spanish flu pandemic was like in these parts? There…

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