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A Big Thanks to the Editors

A Big Thanks to the Editors,

Thank you, Lorraine and Herb Austin, for the recent publication of my article on the History of Downing.

I was asked to write an article on Downing because I work in the Downing Depot Museum. Someone thought I’d “know so much.” But I didn’t, by reading up on the old days, the article got longer and longer. It was challenging to shorten it to less than a page, and there was much that I hadn’t covered. So, I called Lorraine.

We agreed there will always be more that hasn’t been written about or pictures seen. Rather than telling me what to remove, Lorraine persuaded me to lengthen the article—to make several articles (more space, more photos, more lists) and take more time. Hesitatingly I agreed, and the simple one-time partial-page article on Downing’s history eventually became a many-week project for me. All the while, the editors supported my efforts, as we discussed details.

I’ve been glad to hear that many readers enjoyed reading the articles. As time goes on, skipped items will get into the Downing Depot Museum News.

There are many small communities, past and present, in the county, and interesting things to be said about each. I know for a fact that Herb and Lorraine would like to feature other towns in Schuyler, as much as they did Downing. But here’s the thing, some interested person(s) need to step up to write those accounts and submit them for printing.

I’ve been working with Lorraine and Herb for several years now. They are supportive of all things Schuyler County. They are helpful and encouraging, but they don’t know about all the resources (people with knowledge about a particular subject) that are available in their readers.

Sometimes, if you want to see information in your newspaper or you want to share information with many people, you must volunteer—to write.

If you believe you don’t know how to write, ask for assistance. You probably know a lot. You just have to put it on paper. When the time comes that you find something unclear or missing, call for help, do some research, ask questions, visit the courthouse or museum, then fill in the blanks.

Before you realize it, it all comes together, and you’ve learned much more that you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

Schuyler Times’s readers and editors appreciate these undertakings, and no doubt, will find your information enlightening. Please try writing and sharing and working with these editors. It will turn out just right.

And thanks again, L&H.

Judy Sharp

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