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An Orange Pumpkin Patch

An Orange Pumpkin Patch

Traveling home from the big city one day, I saw an “Orange Pumpkin Patch” with a big happy face haystack out front. “It took 5 gallons of paint, but we gotter done,” the owner said, “I didn’t know it’d take that much.”

Then, the owner said, “My wife, Kayla, and I built this. Parents bring their children and let them pick out their favorite sized pumpkins, pulling a little wagon.” Then, looking over at a skid of 75-80-pound pumpkins, Mitchell said, “Of course, they always head for the biggest ones first!”

A children’s play area sat nearby with corn games, haystacks to climb, and A BIG Wooden Chair for them to take pictures with their favorite pumpkins.

A big tent showcased lots of fall items. It was a beautiful family event!

“O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!”—Psalm 8:9a

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