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The New Motorcycle Helmet Law: Helmets Are Now Optional for Some

The New Motorcycle Helmet Law

Helmets Are Now Optional for Some


As of August 28, 2020, most motorcyclist will ride helmet free on Missouri highways and byways. The new law – thanks to the Missouri legislators and Gov. Parsons signature – allows any qualified operator, who is 26 or older, to choose not to wear a helmet, if they can show proof of being covered by a health insurance policy. The insurance must provide the person with medical benefits for injuries incurred, as a result of a motorcycle accident. The operator must also be able to show a copy of their insurance card upon request by a law enforcement officer. Although police can request to see proof of insurance, they cannot stop or detain anyone solely to determine, if they comply with the proposed law.

Any person under the age of 26, who is either operating or a passenger on a motorcycle, must still wear a helmet when the motorcycle is in motion. If a person, who is 26 or older, has been issued an instruction permit, they too, must wear a helmet.

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