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The Hall House

The Hall House

Right here in Lancaster is a valuable treasure, and lots more people need to be a part of the story. William Preston Hall built the home about 1902, and in 1975, the home was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It is also the home of the Schuyler County Historical Society, and on the 17 of September Sandra Redding, Vice President of the group, visited the Rotary Club to up-date them on what has been happening, and what is needed to keep the home and museum in good shape for the future.

Sandra has spent the last three years guiding the Historical Society in a drive to announce to all interested people about the availability of many years of newspaper articles, information, and displays about all of the communities in Schuyler County, and those who spent their lives working, building their future, and raising their families. The inside is newly painted, and the outside of the museum is next on the list to do.

During that same time span, the Historical Society and all of the volunteers have organized the Hall House contents and individual rooms so that information is easily discovered, and it is easy for visitors to learn about their questions, whether they are searching for family genealogy, country school enrollment, or marriage records and death announcements. It is also possible to visit a rural school, an outside cabin, or tour the massive Hall House with all of its contents and history.

A drive is on right now to paint the exterior of the Museum and you, too, can help, by donating to the paint project. It is anticipated that 80 gallons of paint will be required to adequately paint the exterior, and $30 will purchase one gallon of quality paint for the project. Donations of money will also help greatly, and, as the Museum is a 501 c (3) designated site, all donations are tax deductible. Visit soon, donate soon, and tell others about the magnificent opportunity to help a treasure right here in our county.

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