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Harley Robbins Hand Crafts Benches for Schuyler County Church of Faith

Harley Robbins Hand Crafts Benches for Schuyler County Church of Faith

Harley Robbins, a senior at Schuyler R-1 High School, presented two wooden benches to Sonny Smyser (back row, second from left), the Schuyler County Church of Faith Pastor, on August 4, 2020.

Harley (back row, third from left) had incised one of the hand crafted wooden benches with the scripter “Matthew 18:20” and the other he did “In God We Trust.” Harley hand made the benches for the church as his Eagle Scout project. The project allowed Harley to complete his Eagle Scout requirements. He is the son of Daniel and Annette Robbins of Greentop, Missouri.

In Harley’s presentation speech he stated,

“I joined the Boy Scouts when I was six and have been proud to be a member ever since. My reason for choosing to make these benches, as my Eagle Scout project, was because Sonny has been a great friend to my family when we needed him. From doing funerals and weddings for my family, for coming to visit and pray with my family at the time of our need at the hospital and in our home. I noticed that every time we went to the Church of Faith, Sonny would greet us at the car and stand around the corner without a place to sit. One thing I have learned from being a scout is to help others. So, in my appreciation of all Sonny’s endeavors, I chose to do my project to benefit Sonny, and the people that come to the Church of Faith, by building them these two benches”

Troop 180 leaders, Daniel Robbins, Cary Porter, Tiffany Newland, Chad Allen, and Ben and Lindsay Kelly were present to witness the completion of Harley’s project along with the rest of Troop 180.

The Schuyler County Church of Faith members, the board, and the Pastor, Sonny Smyser, would like to thank Harley for the wonderful benches he created.

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