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Schuyler Special Olympians Bring Home the Gold

Special Olympic athletes had been practicing for several weeks on their track and field events that they participated in on Saturday, April 24, 2021, at the Kirksville fields. Some of the events are sprint running, running the full track, broad jump, standing broad jump, and throwing.

What a great day for the team – each athlete came home with at least one gold medal.

Medalists Are:

Alyias Bass All Gold

Lucas Melvin All Gold

Heather Novinger 2 Gold and a Silver

Ashlyn Lay 2 Gold and a Silver

Katie Nolte 2 Gold and a Silver

Kaleen Lay Gold and a Bronze

Special Olympic gold medalists left to right in the front row are Lucas Melvin and Heather Novinger and in the back row are Alyias Bass, Katie Nolte, Kaleen Lay, and Ashlyn Lay.

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