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Commissioners Meeting 5-18-20

May 18, 2020
The Schuyler County Commission convened with the following officers and members present Rodney Cooper, Presiding Commissioner, Jim Werner, Associate Commissioner, Jeff Lindquist, Associate Commissioner, Bree Lawson, County Clerk, Joe Wuebker, Sheriff and Emergency Management.
The following business was had to wit:
Presiding Commissioner called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m.
Jim made a motion to approve the agenda and the May 11, 2020 minutes, Jeff seconded. Vote 3 – yes, 0 – no.
Public Comment:
Jennifer Pantry was in to talk to the commissioners about some road work next to her house. She stated that if the commissioners need to get better access to the bridge that they are able to go in on her property to access it better if they need to. She also wanted to know if the county could work with her on getting some work done on the ditch and road by her house.
Judge Roberts met with the commissioner to bring them up to speed on the Supreme Court mandates for court. He is looking at going into Phase 1 for the courts around June 1, 2020. He appreciates all the work that the commissioners and Bree are doing to get supplies for the courthouse and the court systems.
John Leunen talked to Steve Sanders with TerraGen about some issues on Bear Drive and Gray’s Road.
Steve Sanders, Project Manager with TerraGen, and Jeremy Moore, Blattner Site Manager, met with the commissioners to go over road issues.
Kathryn Magers, RN, Administrator with the Schuyler County Health Department, met with the commissioners to give an update on Covid-19.
Eddie Berry came in to speak with the commissioners about setting up another Planning & Zoning meeting. The one that was scheduled for the end of March 2020 was canceled due to Covid-19, and the courthouse being closed. The commissioners will have Bree set a date for the meeting and let the Planning & Zoning Board know when.
Sheriff Wuebker spoke to the commissioners about trying to figure out a way for storage for vehicles. We really need a fenced-in area to keep them. Right now, we are paying for storage at a local body shop. It is costing the county money to keep vehicles store, so, if we can figure out a way for the county to have its own fenced-in area, we wouldn’t be out any money for storage fees.
The commissioners and Brandon discussed Road & Bridge work being done.
Checks for bills and payroll were reviewed, signed, and distributed.
Jeff made a motion to have Assessor Gary Stump do a personal property deletion for Billy Yearns for 3 vehicles on the 2018 tax statements due to his death, Jim seconded. Vote 3 – yes, 0 – no.
The commissioners reviewed the COVID-19 Funding Agreement and Application that was provided by Attorney Ivan Schraeder. Bree and the commissioners still have several questions, regarding the funding, and how it is to be dispersed. Bree will contact Mr. Schraeder this week and will report back to the commissioners at the next scheduled commission meeting.
Jeff made a motion to sign the 2020 Contract Agreement and Membership Dues between Northeast Regional Planning Commission and the County of Schuyler, Jim seconded. Vote 3 – yes, 0 – no.
Jim made a motion to adjourn at 12 p.m., Jeff seconded. Vote 3 – yes, 0 – no.

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