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Schuyler County Times & MSTA To Host School Board Forum

The coronavirus pandemic, which had the government shuttering work places, state agencies, and other public facilities, prompted Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State, to change the voting date for the General Municipal Elections in the state from April 7, 2020 to June 2, 2020.
Due to the required social distancing protocols, which would limit the number of those who could attend, the Schuyler County Times and the Schuyler R-1 organization of the Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) is changing the format of the Schuyler R-1 School Board Candidates forum.
Instead of the candidates appearing at a public forum, the Times and MSTA will host the forum in the newspaper.
The nine candidates have been requested to submit an article, explaining why the chose to run for the school board. Also, they were asked to present some details about themselves, such as where they work, where they live, about their family, and, if they have children in the school system. This information from the candidates will appear in the May 21, 2020, edition of the Times.
The following edition on May 28, will be devoted to the nine candidates, answering questions submitted by the Schuyler R-1 MSTA.
The Times and MSTA understand that Schuyler voters will have some tough choices to make when they vote on June 2. Therefore, to give the voter the opportunity to “Get to know the candidates,” the decision was made to present the Candidates forum in two parts.
On the ballot, the voter will select three candidates for three year terms each from the list of seven candidates that includes Mike Scheib, Kevin Wheeler, Kevin Buckallew, Kirk Cohagan, Jessica Blackorby, Jim Gage, and Andy Akers.
For the one year term, the voter will select one of the following, Rob Small or Wanda Homer.
The changes, occurring in our county and across our country that are affecting our school, makes your choices for the school board more important than ever. As a voter, you have the opportunity to select the candidates that will not only guide our school system, but will give our students the best education possible.
Remember, Your Vote Counts! Vote on June 2, 2020.

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