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How the Years and Pounds of Food Added Up at the Food Room

April 22

By Dwight Hart, Ministerial Alliance volunteer

Your Food Room has served a huge amount of people, families, and food over the 15 plus years it has existed in Schuyler County. The food just kept adding up, from the first month of opening in December, 2005, when the volunteers helped 150 visiting families receive 13,761 pounds of food from the Food Bank in Columbia until last month, March, 2021, where we served 185 families, who received 22,672 pounds of food. That’s a lot of food that helped a lot of our friends and family in the county.

The Schuyler County Food Room has received more than 3,713,912 pounds of food valued at a wholesale rate of $6,008,312.00. The total family count for that 184 month period of time is 33,765 with a family member count of 85,501.

All of the food from the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri has been at no cost and labor has been supplied by volunteers. Expenses have all been associated with housing, distributing, and necessary costs for properly, caring for the food and operating a facility for serving the community.

And we couldn’t have accomplished so much without the help and the “millions of hours” from our great volunteers.

Can you imagine!

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