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Scotland County Hospital on Alert

Scotland County Hospital on Alert

By Medical Staff, Scotland County Hospital

As we prepare on Sunday, November 15, 2020, for a new work week and school week, and as our communities are full of deer hunters from around the country, please take the time to read this information from the Medical Staff at Scotland County Hospital and Clinics:

1) Hospital beds at facilities across the region are at or above capacity. We have beds, but are reaching critical staffing shortage levels, due to staff that are out due to COVID related reasons. Nearly 10 percent of our staff are out due to COVID related reasons today.

2) The community positive rate has been hovering in the mid to upper 30 percent and has not gone down over the past weekend.

3) Anyone with healthcare experience, especially clinical staff, who could potentially help at this time, please contact our Human Resources Department. Retired nurses, physicians, lab, radiology, front office workers, we need you now. Send your inquiries to or call 660-465-8511 and ask for HR. Fill out an application online at:…/application.aspx

4) Starting on Tuesday, November 17, all elective surgeries will be deferred, in order for surgery staff to be deployed in other clinical areas of the hospital and clinics. If you have a future surgery scheduled and are unsure, if it is considered “elective,” call the hospital this week and the physician will determine each surgery on a case-by-case basis.

5) As a reminder, do not neglect your health, during this world-wide pandemic. If you need to be seen by a clinician, our clinics are open, and we offer virtual visits. When you call one of our clinics to make an appointment, please ask about virtual visits, if that makes you more comfortable.

And, finally, the Medical Staff wants the communities we serve to know that we are taking maximal protective steps for our staff and our patients, now, during this critical time of the pandemic, and always.

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please call the COVID Hotline at 660-956-6820.

Scotland County Hospital is a not-for-profit district hospital in operation since 1970, designated as a Critical Access Hospital in Memphis, Missouri.

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