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Schuyler R-1 School Is Ready to Go!

Schuyler R-1 School Is Ready to Go!

The Schuyler R-1 Schools may have been closed since March, but that doesn’t mean the school’s been locked down, quite, and undisturbed. On the contrary, there has been much activity inside and outside the school.

The gym floor in the High School has been refinished. There is a new weight room. The bathrooms have all been upgraded and painted. The basketball locker rooms for the boys, girls, and visitors have all been upgraded, repainted, and now proudly show off the school colors and the Ram mascot. The back hallway is finally clear of storage items, and the classrooms show off their new coats of school color maroon.

The fieldhouse is completed and looks fantastic. And the high school gym looks professional! In fact, it rivals any school in the state.

While some of these costs were paid form school funds available for these purposes, much, maybe most, of this work was performed by our Superintendent Steve Carvajal, High School Principal Kyle Windy, Ag teacher Coley Hanes, and Coach Corey Randall, saving the school thousands of dollars in labor costs. There were others that chipped in and helped, but we do not have names at this time, but will update as that is available.

Mr. Windy even raised several thousands of dollars towards his goal of redoing the fieldhouse this year.

The booster club, which is always ready to help the school and the kids, participated with donations of several thousands of dollars towards some of these projects.

The bus barn has new metal on the outside along with an updated new central area for the drivers to meet. And two new busses sit in the parking lot.

There is new track equipment, and we are scheduled to have regional and divisional track meets. This will provide a venue for our booster club to raise more needed funds.

We suggest to our readers to stop by and check out all the upgrades to our school, but first, because of COVID-19, you will need to make an appointment. Sure, it’s a little more effort on your part, but the hard work done to “remodel, redo, and upgrade” our school will be well worth it.

Ram Pride!!!

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