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Patrol Releases School Bus Inspection Report

Patrol Releases School Bus Inspection Report

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has released the results of the annual school bus inspection program for 2020. The ratings include approved, defective, and out-of-service. Those buses receiving an “approved” rating passed the initial inspect. A rating of “defective” means that corrections for components were addressed within 10 days of when the defection was found. Buses placed out-of-service require a correction before the bus can be used any further.

At the time that Troop B inspected the Schuyler busses, they found that out of 15 busses, Schuyler had one defected, which has been repaired, and one taken out of commission. According to Steve Carvajal, superintendent, we have since bought three new busses, which will bring the school back up to 15 busses. “We are now in very good shape with our busses, as we enter the new school year,” said Carvajal. He added that the bus that was out of commission will be traded at a later date. “The rock roads in the district are tough on our busses, stated Carvajal, “but Avery Jones, transportation director, keeps them in great repair.”

Of Missouri’s 11,828 buses, or 89 percent were rated “approved”. 1,030, or 8.7 percent were found as defective. 259, or 2.1 percent were taken out of service.

There were 22 school districts within Troop H that received the Total Fleet Excellence award this year. Those had 100 percent “approved” rating on the first inspection.

There were 16 buses taken out of service at the time of the inspection process. South Harrison had 3 of 19 buses taken out of service. Savannah had 2 of 31, Chillicothe had 2 of 23, Lathrop had 2 of 14, and Winston had 2 of 5 taken out of service. Hamilton, Cameron, Fairfax, Tarkio, and Trenton had one bus each taken out of service based on the inspection process.

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